Adventures in mock draft land

Well, mock draft season is apron us and I have to say so far I am definitely getting an interesting look into a cross section of humanity! I have encountered the serious player, the joker, the philosopher, and the casual player. I have met some of the most intelligent people, and some of the weirdest.

My approach to mock drafts is simple: they are fun unto themselves. It has been my experience in fantasy football that 90% of it is a crap shoot. You can subscribe to every newsletter, consult every expert, try every strategy on earth but there is still partly a game of chance. I ask you, who did better in your league last year, the guy who did hours of research or the guy who lucked on Cam Newton even though everyone said he’d be a bust?

Last year I was very excited about my first two picks: Rashard mendenhall and Andre Johnson. What happened? Injuries and in effectiveness. Who was the star of my draft? A fragile quarterback everyone laughed at me for taking, Matthew Stafford.

I do the search and do the mocks because they are fun, but I hold no illusion that they are going to make me a superstar drafter. Granted, I believe they give me a leg up over someone not acquainted with the trends, but I look at them as a fun experience unto themselves. I approach fantasy football the same way I play golf: for fun.

I love the debates and the number crunching research. I love reading articles, especially when one says so and so is the greatest player out there and the next says he’s a guaranteed bust. I love the anticipation of thinking I might steal a player, and the laugh when someone I pegged for round ten goes in round 3.

So my friends, go forth and enjoy!


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