Labor Day Weekend

Well, another three-day weekend is past. What was usually a very busy weekend for me passed with relative calm and laziness. I had unexpected houseguests, a two-family split get together, a draft for my Fantasy Football Star Trek Geek League, and preparation for my daughter’s bridging ceremony from Brownie to Junior. There were two major differences between this labour day and past ones:

One Monday I celebrated three months of freedom from tobacco.

For the first time in years I did not spend the weekend in San Francisco playing chess.

Ninety days of nicotine sobriety. Who would have thought? I am happy to say I have not had any overwhelming cravings. It has not been in any way miserable. I have a sense of loss and I do miss it, but I have been lucky enough to not be in torment. I did this for six years once before, I can keep it up. Thanks for all of your notes of encouragement and congratulations. It is very nice not to have Teresa wince at my presence.

I really missed playing Chess this weekend. It is my weekend to be on my own, spend time in the city I love so much, and play the game that is both recreation and obsession to me. I think my wife even missed being rid of me for a few days. Oh well, there at other avenues for chess and there is always next year!

We had a get together with the Klinghoffers. Christine is my old boss from Barnes & Noble. She and her husband Lee have twins a few months older than Miranda. The first part of the day at urges a gender split. The girls went to see the One Direction movie, the boys drove around looking at houses. Dinner followed and a good time was had. It’s a special time because I’m at the stage of life where making new friends is difficult, so I’m putting great effort into strengthening the relationships I have and holding on to the friends I have.

The Geek League. The raucous and sometimes obscene banter during the draft is almost more fun than the actual season! I am a newcomer to the group, which was started by my cousin Tony several years ago. Many of the members went to high school together. Everyone must name their team after an alien race from Star Trek, hence my name for the league.

Chess school is set to start up soon and I’m doing prep work for starting a new novel. I’m polishing some of my old works to submit. Never a dull moment!


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