Everybody Wants to be a Winner!

“America loves a winner, and does not tolerate as loser.”  — George C. Scott in the film “Patton.”

“Losers always whine about their ‘best’! Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!”  — Sean Connery in the film “The Rock.”


Everyone wants to win.  What does that mean?  There are things that make you feel like a winner.  Accomplishments can bring on that feeling, and then there is besting someone in a competition.  In each of these cases, its a state of mind.

What about attitude?  All sports coaches and armchair therapists talk about a “winning Attitude.”  Maybe its a habit or ritual?

During my journey of self-improvement I have sought out the makings of a winner.  I have collected the most common bits of t-shirt wisdom and pop-psych platitudes.  I don’t know if the answer is here.  I don’t know if the answer is anywhere.  I don’t even know if there is an answer.  All I do know is that I want to feel like a winner, and I am willing to try anything, and everything here does provoke some thought. 


  1. Have passion.
  2. Have discipline.
  3. Are selfless.
  4. Respect others.
  5. Have perspective.
  6. Have courage.
  7. Show leadership.
  8. Take responsibility.
  9. Show resilience.
  10. Have imagination.
  11. Are constantly learning.
  12. Take immediate action.
  13. Are always self-testing.
  14. Give 100% effort.
  15. Set high goals.
  16. Have a pleasing attitude and personality.
  17. Are enthusiastic.
  18. Control emotions.
  19. Focus on their strengths.
  20. Seek excellence over perfection.
  21. Focus on long-term goals.
  22. Focus on what they can control.
  23. Constantly trying to improve.
  24. Exude optimism.
  25. Are risk takers.
  26. Make good decisions.
  27. Are flexible and adaptable.
  28. Learn from their mistakes.
  29. Focus on the present and future.
  30. Stand apart but not alone.
  31. Are supportive.
  32. Are good planners.
  33. Are systematic.
  34. Are good time managers.
  35. Are proactive.
  36. Exhibit integrity.
  37. Are highly ambitious.
  38. Are kind and compassionate.
  39. Have patience.
  40. Don’t worry.



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