Another year of fantasy football is over. Another year that I didn’t win a championship and another year my wife finished higher than me. Not to take anything away from her or any of my opponents, but I should have won two championships this year.

Flashback two weeks. I have the most points scored in either league. I have the best record in one league, close second in the other. I’ve had record-setting performances, ridiculous average margins of victories, and I am heavily favored in the first round of the playoffs. It looks like I have assembled not one, but two juggernauts destined for greatness. I was having a hard time keeping my ego and excitement in check, trying to sound humble. Even my opponents seemed to have conceded trophies to me.

Then the law of averages kicked in, or rather, kicked my ass. Twice.

Were I managing flesh-and-blood teams, what happened to me would have been called choking. It was like Tony Romo in December choking. I did not win a single playoff game. Not one. Not sure I even held a lead.

I don’t consider myself, or represent myself, as any kind of fantasy football expert. If you look at my record, it is safe to say I am above average. I like the pre-season research, I have a plan going into the draft. I love it when I make a pick and people think I am crazy, especially when, more times than not, I am proven right. So this double-choke can’t be because of my abilities, knowledge, or actions, right?

RIGHT! No matter what the so-called experts say, there is an element of luck to fantasy sports. Great players have bad games, and sometimes several have them at the same time. The last two weeks Matt Stafford and Calvin “Megatron” Johnson scored a combined total of 43 points. Either one is capable of scoring that in one week! Who would have thought Zac Stacy and Marcedes Lewis would score more points than Matt Forte in consecutive weeks?

Can’t say I didn’t have a great season. Set the all-time single week record in one league. Enjoyed great trash talk, compliments, and insults with a great group of friends. Another excuse to spend time with the wife on Sundays. So when I rage about lost opportunities and victories that should have been, it is just me screaming at the universe.

The long, loud echo tells me just how much the cosmos cares…


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